Why Learn React Native?

 In May 2013, Facebook open-sourced their React JavaScript library, providing web developers everywhere with a powerful and efficient tool to create component-based interactive user interfaces (UIs). React provided powerful features like stateful components, virtual DOM, one-way data binding with properties (props), lifecycle methods and JavaScript Xml (JSX). React quickly became the choice for developers to build faster, smoother UIs for data-driven web applications.

In 2015, Facebook extended react to building native mobile applications on iOS and android platforms. React native has created a lot of excitement in the market because of its cross-platform nature. Developers can reuse the code between android, iOS and web projects with minimal effort. The growing interest in react native has created a need for skilled developers as a lot of development companies are switching to this technology. React native is used by many Fortune 500 companies like Facebook, Instagram, Bloomberg, Pinterest, Skype, Tesla, Uber, Walmart,, and others. React native’s GitHub repository statistics reveal that nearly 2,000 contributors have committed 16,000 times in 72 branches with over 300 releases. According to Google Trends, react native has become a trending topic in addition to being a popular framework.


Cross-platform app development is becoming popular as the level of competition is intensifying. React Native is the most preferred cross-platform solution for the creation of both Android and iOS apps. It offers multiple benefits to individuals and organizations.

Individual Benefits

Learning React Native helps developers: 

  • Create innovative and competitive apps using cross-platform compatibility
  • Be a part of the thriving react native community.
  • Earn an average of $120,000 per year according to
  • Grow beyond react native to learn more advanced tools
  • Top companies like Netflix, Instagram, Facebook, and Walmart rely on React Native and hire a larger number of react native developers.

Organizational Benefits

React Native training has certain organizational benefits:

  • Simpler, quicker and more efficient cross-platform development with code reuse
  • Cost-effective development, testing, and deployment
  • Faster development by reusing components and saving time
  • With react native, organizations will be able to build apps for all the platforms along with native mobile apps.

React native framework is a preferred choice of many development companies that have a mobile-first approach for creating exciting apps that we use on a daily basis. A react native developer finds agility and ease while developing react native apps. It also offers the advantage of a large community base, hot reloading, and stable apps.


  1. Introduction
    Equip yourself with the basics and core concepts that are essential to develop with react native.
  1. Styles and Layouts
    Learn to apply styles in react native while learning to develop different kinds of layouts in it.
  1. React Native Components
    Learn about the various components of react native as well as their areas of application.
  1. React Native API
    Learn to use react native API to access hardware related features and platform specific features.
  1. Navigation
    Learn about the methods of setting up and configuring the react native navigation library.
  1. Remote Communication
    Learn about consuming remote API in react native application by using fetch API and axios.
  1. Releasing Builds
    Learn to build and integrate react native applications in android and iOS operating systems.


  • Web Developers.
  • Mobile App Developers.
  • Software Engineers.
  • UI Developers.
  • Those who want to learn hybrid mobile development.
  • Those who want to use JavaScript and React skills to develop mobile application.
  • Those who aspire to build a career in mobile application development.

There are no mandatory prerequisites that you need to fulfill in order to take up the React Native course. However, possessing the following knowledge prior to taking up this course can be beneficial for you:

  • Intermediate JavaScript knowledge
  • Native mobile development experience.


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