About Us

Biztech Academy is not just an IT training center. Biztech Academy is an IT talent development center. A home for each person to learn and upgrade their IT skill according to their passion and interest. Biztech Academy has many Training programs, Certifications, Boot Camps, and sharing knowledge. Biztech Academy also provides networking with many companies and startups. Supported by Proxsis, the largest consulting firm in Indonesia

About Our Corporate Business

Share & Innovate

Biztech Academy has been established in 2018 with more than 2000+ Alumnus and Clients.

Our Company

Biztech Academy is a Part of Proxsis IT Group

About us

Proxsis Movement Mission Statement

To Give and To Share

Providing benefits to many people trough the development of the best Knowledge and Ideas in the field of Management and Human Resources. Then it is informed and applied to the parties in need.

Corporation of Knowledge and Ideas

Collaborating with All Parties and Experts in the field of Management Technology, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources, and so on, so as to provide more and more efficient benefits.

Improve Quality of Life

Improve the quality of life for the best people who join in the activities and movements of Proxsis by forming a support system and platform for learning (Continuous Learning), self-development (Self Transformation), an (Value creation), and becoming entrepreneurs.

Increase Productivity

Use existing and developed knowledge and ideas to help business and government organizations productivity and performance.

With our commitment to share and innovate

We will help you to be better and Your future career be brighter!

Our Services

Biztech Academy is a Part of Proxsis IT Group

IT Governance, Risk and Compliance Consulting
IT Governance, Risk and Compliance Audit and Assessment
IT Governance, Risk and Compliance Training, Certification, Research and Community
Business and Management Software, Apps and Infrastructure
Indonesia Software Research And Development Center