Big Data Analysis with Phyton

Tujuan Program

Import Data Sets

Clean and Prepare Data for Analysis

Manipulate Pandas Data Frame

Summarize Data

Build Machine Learning Models using Scikit-Learn

Who Needs This?

Fresh Graduate

Staff IT

Data Analytics

Supervisor IT

Full Stack Developer

What You Learn?

◾ Learning Objectives
◾ Understanding the Domain
◾ Understanding the Dataset
◾ Python package for data science
◾ Importing and Exporting Data in Python
◾ Basic Insights from Datasets

◾ Identify and Handle Missing Values
◾ Data Formatting
◾ Data Normalization Sets
◾ Binning
◾ Indicator variables

◾ Descriptive Statistics
◾ Basic of Grouping
◾ Correlation
◾ More on Correlation

◾ Simple and Multiple Linear Regression
◾ Model Evaluation Using Visualization
◾ Polynomial Regression and Pipelines
◾ R-squared and MSE for In-Sample Evaluation
◾ Prediction and Decision Making

◾ Model Evaluation
◾ Over-fitting, Under-fitting and Model Selection
◾ Ridge Regression
◾ Grid Search
◾ Model Refinement

Berapa Nilai Investasi
Yang Diperlukan?

IDR 10.000.000/pax