Analizing Data with Power BI

Tujuan Program

Perform Power BI Desktop Data Transformation.

Describe Power BI Desktop Modelling.

Create a Power BI Desktop Visualization.

Implement the Power BI Service.

Describe How to Connect to Excel Data.

Describe How to Collaborate with Power BI Data.

Describe the Power BI developer API.

Who Needs This?

Fresh Graduate

Staff IT

Data Analytics

Supervisor IT

Full Stack Developer

What You Learn?

◾ Introduction to Self-Service BI Solutions
◾ Introducing Power BI
◾ Power BI

◾ Shaping and Combining Data
◾ Modelling data
◾ Interactive Data Visualizations
◾ Connect directly to data stores

◾ Direct Connectivity
◾ Developer API
◾ Power BI mobile app

Berapa Nilai Investasi
Yang Diperlukan?

IDR 10.000.000/pax