Introduction Google Big Query

Tujuan Program

Understand the role an enterprise data warehouse plays in enabling predictive analytics and real-time data analysis for your organization.

Learn how BigQuery can ingest and use Google Analytics 360 data for use in reporting, analysis, dataset integration, and data science modeling.

Take away ready-to-use SQL queries that can be applied to your organization’s Google Analytics data right away.

Who Needs This?

Data Scientist

Digital Analyst

Analytics Engineer

Digital Marketing Manager

IT Manager

What You Learn?

◾ Google Cloud Console and BigQuery UI.
◾ BigQuery data structure.
◾ BigQuery SQL dialects.

◾ GA schema overview.
◾ Dealing with nested and repeated fields.
◾ Understanding hit types and how records correspond to GA data.

◾ Replicating basic GA session metrics including users, sessions, pageviews, bounce rate, etc.
◾ Using BQ’s SQL features to query date ranges.
◾ Unnesting hit-level and product-level data and calculating metrics such as landing pages, time on page, and more.
◾ Using custom dimensions and custom metrics.
◾ Limitations of GA’s standard metrics and examples of alternative calculations.
◾ Best practices for structuring queries for readability.

◾ Importing and exporting data.
◾ Scheduling and automation.
◾ Integrations with other Google data sources (Firebase, Google Ads, Campaign Manager, YouTube, and others).
◾ Connecting data visualization tools including Data Studio.

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IDR 10.000.000/pax