IT Disaster Recovery Plan


The 3-day IT DR course covers all stages of the entire IT Disaster Recovery lifecycle. This course will be very useful for IT professionals and CM/DR practitioners. Training methodologies include classroom training, individual/group exercises, case studies, and role-plays, while videos and group discussions, knowledge checks, and quizzes are made use of in order to enhance the participant learning experience and exam preparation.


Protecting the organization from major computer service failures

Minimizing the organization’s risk of delays (delays) in the provision of services

Ensuring the reliability of the existing system through testing and simulation

Minimizing the decision-making process by personal/human during a disaster

Who Needs This?

Full-time or Part-time IT / BCM / Operations

Other IT Professionals interested in learning more about Global IT DR Best Practices

Auditors wanting to gain an in-depth understanding of IT DR

Professionals from IT DR or BCM-related

Data Center Managers

What You Learn?

Berapa Nilai Investasi
Yang Diperlukan?

IDR 7.500.000/pax